For most people the first contact with a portraitist will be the sight of a portrait of a person they know. Often when it is presented, framed and on a beautiful spot on the wall, there is the moment of 'this is what I want too....'. The second contact mostly will be by telephone with the artist himself, and with questions such as, does the artist have time for a new assignment, how often do you need to pose, and what is the price of a portrait. The answers are of course very much depending on what the client wants. A portrait consisting of four subjects, in which each of the four people portrayed will return to feature in each other’s portrait, is of course more costly then a composition with one person only.

Getting started

When it is clear what the assignment beholds, an appointment will be made. Next will be a visit from Corstiaan with his photographer. According to the pictures that have been taken, Corstiaan will make his design, and then there is the moment that the posing can begin. This will take place at home at Corstiaan, mostly one, one and a half hour, with the accent on the face. Children often don't have the patience to sit long, but with Corstiaan they most of the time like to do so, especially when they can also do some drawing themselves. When the assigment is taking place in a foreign country the portraitist will take his pencils and paper and travel abroad.

Atelier Corstiaan


Corstiaan prefers to see his 'victims' first in their own familiar place. This is where the concept will be made. Also the place where the portrait will be hanging can be of importance in this.